EDC and gear to make your life easier!

Here at Hazard Pack we aim to make your life easier and safer by offering the best products for any situation

We offer a variety of products from Every Day Carry kits and get home bags, to gear and clothing.

In Case Of Emergency!

We offer a wide range of products to get you out of sticky situations, from get home bags to first aid.

Who are our products for?

Our products were originally aimed at security, police, and emergency services. Since then our products have grown to cater for everyone!

Emergency Services and Security 

We have supplied equipment to emergency services including police, civil servants and security operatives.


If you have a hobby like photography you may have found yourself looking for cables or memory cards then you know how frustrating it can be! Our custom and personalised kits will give you everything you need to stay organised and keep it enjoyable. No matter what you llike to do, we can help keep what you need to hand.

Travel and Adventure!

If your off on adventure foreign or domestic then we can provide things to make it safer and easier. Whether you're going on holiday or you've got stranded after a night out, we've got you covered!


Work doesnt always mean just having a pen. When you need more than your trusty ballpoint then look no further! from cables to memory sticks we've got what you need to keep you going.

The Rat Race

We have all had to endure a commute at some stage for one reason or another, and more often than not they don't go as smoothly as we would like! Our EDC kits include the essentials you need to help get you home. From Power banks to keep your phone running, to a poncho for that unexpected downpour.  


Emergencies come in many different types, from medical to walking home in the dark and getting unwanted attention! At Hazard Pack we're here to keep you safe, from first aid to personal alarms we have what you need, when you need it!

Get Home Bags

Get home bags are designed to have all the essentials to enable you to 'get home' in an unusual situation or emergency

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